It all started with "Days' Folly".....

In the mid-1910's, an enterprising young man named Joseph A. Days had a vision. He wanted to move his home in Provincetown to the beach along the state road in North Truro, and to help realize that dream, he purchased a strip of land along either side of the street, ready for the future.
The people of Provincetown thought he was crazy! "It's just a bunch of sand!" they would tell him, "What do you want THAT for?" At the time, the state road that would later become Route 6 (and still later Route 6A) was itself just packed-down dirt and beach sand, and the road was desolate for miles! But Joe kept his vision in focus while everyone else kept going on about the purchase that would come to be known in the 1920s as "Days' Folly"

The Depression!

In October 1929, the bottom fell out of the stock market, and work was drying up! Joe's dream seemed dead once, after having his house in sections all ready to move, decided it wasn't worth it, and turned the house into a massive bonfire on the beach.
But Joe had another idea.....the one that would forever change the history of North Truro's Beach Point....
By this time, he was in charge of the F.A. Days and Sons construction company, and this industry was also hit hard by the Depression, as crews were idle due to no customers available to purchase their services. One day, he surprised his workers with his idea. He wanted to build some small cottages on the strip of land he owned, noticing that a couple other people were starting to do the same on the scenic 2-mile strip of Route 6. He offered to buy all the materials needed. He did, however, tell his workers that they would have to take a pay cut for the work. Basically, Joe became his own customer.
Being the Depression, his crew jumped at the chance to work again!

A Dream Becomes Reality

In the fall of 1930, the crew of F.A. Days and Sons went to work on the first of what was to be five cottages. Each cottage was to be built with a bathroom, full kitchen, 2 bedrooms, a small living room with fireplace, and an open-air porch overlooking the water. It was to be the perfect little summer community, and everything seemed right on schedule.
But there was one problem...Joe realized that not one of the cottages-in-progress was actually on his land! That problem was quickly rectified with the purchase of more lots along either side of Route 6 to cover the 5 cottages already built, and he found out he still had room for MORE! By the time the cottages were ready to be opened, a total of 9 had been built. Across the street, he had 2 other buildings built. The first was built right along the highway, and housed the rental office, a small summer residence for himself and his wife, cellar space, and a small seasonal grocery store called Days' Self Service Market. The second was built just downhill from the highway, and was a storage garage with 9 bays, and was much more space than he needed at the time, but he knew the future would prove the extra space useful. The leftmost bay would later house a generator for those stormy days when the power goes out.
So not only did Joe have his summer house on the beach, he now had a new business to attract the new breed of Cape Cod vacationers as well as desperate out-of-work people looking to find a job at the new resort, and Days' Cottages & Self Service Market opened up for its first season in July 1931. Some people who stayed that season continued to come back every year for decades on end!

The story doesn't end yet! Continue past 1931!