The Torch Is Passed....Again

After 14 years of modernizing the business his father started, Bernard passed away in December 1990, leaving control of the business to his son Joe. One of the younger Joe's first actions was somewhat minor: He had the flower sign backgrounds changed from yellow to white in order to blend in better with the cottages themselves.
In the early 1990s, the green-and-white scheme had now been passed to the store, which had boasted dark blue trim, and even earlier, black trim, in its existance, and the playground equipment was also painted with the familiar colors as well.
In 1994, 15 years after the cottages got the same treatment, the store and rear apartment got white vinyl siding to protect its look from the elements of Cape Cod weather. At this point, the cottages and store have the look they have to this day.

The Computer Age

In 1994, Days' Cottages entered cyberspace! The first Internet provider the cottages did business with was The Internet Access Company, or TIAC for short. The business also got a state-of-the-art PC with desktop publishing ability and a high-quality laserprinter. By this time, Joe's two kids were both college-age, and the older of the two was studying for a Computer Science degree. Under her technical direction, prospective customers suddenly had a new way to reach the business over the still-growing Internet.
In 1996, Joe decided to hype the business' history with a 65th Anniversary celebration, and the 65th Anniversary theme was used on official stationery, as seals on company envelopes, and even on the rate sheet inserts for the brochures, most of which were created by the company computer. Also part of the celebration was another technological step forward: a WEB SITE! the first Days' Cottages website went online in June 1996, and the site went graphical a month later. The first website was hosted by local ISP CapeInternet, which is now part of our current host Earthlink. The current website and the domain of went live in 2001 to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the business.


The cottages are more popular and more well-known now than ever, both as a resort and a tourist attraction. The 1990s onward saw more artwork of the cottages than in any decade in the past, and the frequency is increasing every day. The cottages are now known worldwide (usually as "the Cape Cod flower cottages" or a variation on that name) in artwork, photography, and in memories of tourists and customers throughout the years! The Cottages' web presence has expanded with a new Facebook page to keep customers and fans alike connected throughout the year. The business has gone far and above any expectations the elder Joe could ever have dreamed of!
Here's to the last near-century, and to many more years to come!

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