Days' Self Service Market
Established 1931

Right across from the cottages is one of the oldest convenience stores in North Truro still in operation. At left is the store as it originally stood in 1931. When it first opened its doors, it only carried the essentials: milk, bread, butter, and other assorted groceries. Customers came both from the resort as well as among the travelers along Route 6. It was the perfect pairing of businesses as not only did the resort make sure the store would always have customers, but shoppers could also get informtion about the resort across the street, each business feeding the other.

The store as it appeared in the 1950's, outside and inside

As tourism on the Cape increased, it called upon the small market to carry souvenir items and more groceries, and soon the little market on the beach was cramped. In the late 1940s, the store was expanded to double its size (its present size), and facilities were modernized, while still keeping its family small-town charm.

The store as it appeared in the 1970's

The store as it appeared in the 1990's

The construction of the new Route 6 only slightly slowed down the store's business, being one of the few retail stores that survived, but the increased tourist interest quickly got the store back to its 1950's sales levels and beyond. By the end of the 1970's, the store sold souvenirs of Days' Cottages themselves, as t-shirts, sweatshirts, and drink coolers featuring the cottages were placed on the shelves next to other such Cape Cod souvenirs as map shirts, vanity plates, shot glasses, and toy lobsters.

The store as it appears in the present day

Today, Days' Market is still as strong as ever. Year after year, it opens on the second Friday of May and remains open every day (even holidays) through the Saturday after Columbus Day. During July and August, the store is open from 7am-6pm daily. On the off-season months of May, June, September, and October, it's open from 7am-5pm daily. Almost anything you can find in a supermarket can be found in the store, and then some. The Days Family is proud that they have been able to serve their customers' shopping needs for almost a century, and that pride in service will carry through to the years ahead!