Provincetown Advocate - 5/4/95

Sections of North Truro last week were transformed into the production set of a student film produced by a professor and student at New York University's film program.

NYU Professor Robin Romano, whose family owns a house in Chatham, and student Miko Kamituana chose Days' Cottages and Dutra's Market as locations suitable for the independent film. Set in the 1950s, the half-hour senior thesis project, titled "Umbrella", chronicles a romance that develops between a local fisherman and an oriental traveler.

The modest entourage of about 20 people began filming at Dutra's Market between 3 p.m. and dusk on Monday and returned for a few hours the following day.

"They removed a Coke machine and replaced it with an older-looking one," said Ron Friese, owner of the market. Though Friese said the filming did not upset his business, one motorist said it held up traffic somewhat.

"I had to wait a few minutes to get throgh the center of North Truro, but it was no big deal," she said.

Romano Productions contacted the selectmen over the winter to ask for permission to film in town. Because some of the filming would affect the flow of traffic, the small company was billed $200 a day to cover the cost of a $23 an hour police detail, said Carol Nickerson, licensing agent.

Whenever a filming production uses town property, the party responsible for the production is usually charged a fee based on the scale of the production, Nickerson said. in this case, filming was expected to tie up traffic somewhat on Route 6A, on which both the market and the cottages are situated.

Truro charged the producers of the film version of Normal Mailer's Tough Guys Don't Dance, for example, between $500 and $1000 a day when they filmed here during the winter of 1986-87, Nickerson said.

Friese didn't mind the small crowd that gathered in front of his tiny market last Monday and Tuesday, as Dutra's hasn't gotten that much attention since Unsolved Mysteries filmed an episode about an alien abduction about eight years ago, he said.

"They still repeat that episode from time to time," Friese said.

One of the actresses from "Umbrella" relaxes in a cottage between takes.

Joe Days also willingly accommodated the student filmmaker, who filmed interior and exterior shots at his Days' Cottages last Tuesday and Wednesday.

"They used one of the cottages as the place where this couple stayed," said Days, who allowed the actors to stay in his cottages one night free of charge, "to get the feel of it," he said. "They filmed a sunset scene here one night and then came back for most of the next day. Everyone involved with it was really nice and tried to be as respectful of the property as they could."

Days said his cottages have also been used before by a production crew.

"About six or seven years ago Chevrolet filmed a Camaro commercial," he said. "I remember that they were here for about 10 hours and it only turned out to be a 15 or 20 second spot."

Neither Romano nor Ms. Kamituana could be reached for comment, though they are scheduled to continue filming around Chatham until May 10, they said in a statement released last month.